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A mentoring program with a distinctive difference. Focusing on Small Business, our mentoring sessions are private and personalised specifically targeting your business issues, through listening, advising and providing guidance.
We look at your business holistically and focus on the key areas in running a successful business. We define these key areas as the Six Pillars of Growth.

Six Pillars of Growth

To be successful in business it is vital to understand the fundamentals of the 'Six Pillars of Growth’. Knowing how to master the “Sale” is as important as knowing your “Numbers”. Often we lack skills in one of more of these areas, which area do you need help in?

  • Strategy

    “The key to success is planning"

  • Sales

    “Understand the ‘why’ of your customer”

  • Marketing

    “Don’t just be better, be different“

  • Financials

    “Learn to love the numbers and they will love you back“

  • People

    “Look after your people, and they will in turn look after your customers“

  • Operations

    “What needs repeating, needs a system“


Small Business’ need a range of support, at the Business Brains Club, we can support your business through immediate phone support right through to a full business mentoring program.

  • Full Business Mentoring Support

    Over 4 months we will delve into your business and find improvements within each of the Six Pillars, and drive continuous improvement . Over 16 hours of mentoring. Adapt your business NOW for immediate growth.

  • Deep Dive Intensives

    We spend 2 hours in a deep dive intensive workshop to focus on the most pressing issues of your business.

  • Review & Improve

    Your Business is on track, but who is keeping you accountable to ensure future success and growth? Use a Business Mentor to keep your business on track through monthly or quarterly board reviews, just like having your own “board of directors".

  • Expert Advice Line

    Dial in for a 20min consult session for the most pressing business issues. Expert Advice Line $79 inc GST.

Meet your Mentor - Sonia Wray

Sonia has a wealth of experience to help your business grow, through her corporate career, she managed divisions of large organisations, driving the overall strategy, managing the profit and loss, growing the business through sales and marketing and managing large people dynamics.

Sonia also understands Small Business, she has setup 4 successful business' ( her first one at 22 ) , as well as advised many others on their business strategy and focussing on the Six Pillars of Growth.

Sonia has Degree in Applied Mathematics, Post Grad Degree in Education & Extensive Career education with AGSM.

Sonia identified that many small businesses understand their produce and service brilliantly, but struggle with the essence of Business. From her extensive experience she will help you understand how to run a successful business and help your business grow.

Why choose Business Brains

  • 25+ Years of Corporate Experience
  • 10+ Years In Executive Leadership in the Corporate Sector
  • 10+ Years in Small Business
  • Expertise on both Big and Small Businesses


I have been working with Sonia from the Business Brains Club since June 2016. Since completing the mentoring program, I have seen significant difference in my business. I was confused about how to grow my business, but Sonia showed me a clear direction through her LEAR questioning technique. We worked on my business strategy, reviewed my sales model and marketing approach and completed financial modelling on the business. Since starting with Sonia I have seen a 20% increase in revenue, my profitability has improved, I have a clear marketing plan and my staff are more engaged and loyal. Working through the "Six Pillars of Growth" has been instrumental in my business turn around.


Business Owner, La Mesa Restaurant
Oct 2016

A shout out to Sonia Wray for her strategic approach to problem solving. She puts a whiteboard to good use while drilling down into a challenge, asking great questions and mapping out the solutions. Fast thinking, fast talking and generous with her time.


CEO She Business
August 2016

I have been to 2 sessions with the newly created Business Brains Club with Sonia and have got so much value out of them. Sonia is an amazing professionals in her own right so to get a shot of her experience advice and coaching has provided me with so much clarity in a very short time. Can't recommend highly enough!


CEO She Business
June 2016

Just wanted to shout out to Sonia Wray AKA Business Brains Club for helping me see through the fog today. I had all the bits but the picture just wasn't making itself clear to me, but it's definitely forming thanks to this amazing lady!



Great session with Sonia - can really recommend her as a professional who make sure she understands you and your business.


HR Magnet
August 2016

I had a meeting for a couple of hours with Sonia Wray regarding my business direction and branding! As I am starting out this was a fabulous 2 hour session that helped me greatly coming into R U OK? Week where I presented on seven occasions and live radio interviews as an Ambassador. Highly recommend seeing Sonia if you need some great advice and business direction!

Simon Gillard

'Life Sentence - A Police Officers Battle with PTSD'

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